We Are Making Colorado Healthier!
FruitRevival delivers fresh fruit and nutritious snacks to Colorado businesses on a recurring and one-time schedule so employees have access to healthy foods during the work day. In addition to healthy snacks, FruitRevival creates and delivers custom branded corporate gifts throughout the year and for the holidays.

What We Eat Matters!
FruitRevival's convenient and cost efficient service makes it easy for companies to support a healthy corporate culture!

The Management Team

Melissa Edison Barnes – Co-Owner
Melissa started her marketing and business development career working for General Mills and then Harley-Davidson. She then moved to Denver and started working with one of the first e-mail marketing companies, Exactis. Melissa has started a number of companies and now manages the branding, marketing and business development for FruitRevival.
Jennifer Zatz – Co-Owner
Having worked for Quest, now Century Link for 11 years as a program manager on large scale telecommunications installments, Jennifer brings years of operations expertise to managing FruitRevival's delivery and corporate gift program. Prior to working at Century Link, Jennifer worked as a multi-media producer for Cosmic Blender in Boston Massachusetts.

Rounding out the management team are Kyle Maloney, Operations Manager, and Dawn Poe, Customer Service Manager.

Our Community Commitment

Fresh Food Donation
FruitRevival donates hundreds of pounds of fruit each week to two Denver food programs: We Don't Waste and Metro Caring. They both distribute food to Denver's hungry population.

FruitRevival is committed to having as small of a footprint as possible. We recycle all our delivery boxes, through reuse, and all of our packing materials.