Colorado Committed in our Fresh Food Delivery

Colorado is our home.

Colorado is where we work, play, and nurture our families.  At FruitRevival, it is our goal to help as many Coloradans lead healthy productive lives as possible and to do that in a way that is deeply responsible to our community in our fresh food delivery and Denver gift baskets.

By hand selecting each piece of fruit that is delivered in our boxes, we ensure amazing quality for our customers.  This has also created a means to distribute thousands of pounds of produce to areas in our community lacking access to fresh affordable healthy food.  FruitRevival’s ability to assist the community grows with each new customer we serve!

Fresh Food Delivery Denver


  • Our partnerships with We Don’t Waste and Metro Caring ensure our food donations reach community points where they are most needed.  Last year we donated over 23,000 pounds of fruit.  See below for this year’s running donation count.
  • Our Dedication to working with local vendors and farmers supports local small entrepreneurial businesses and local farms to fill our fresh food deliveries and gift baskets in Denver. (see the list of local vendors and farms we work with)
  • Our insistence on recycling and re-using enable our operations to have a minimal impact on the environment. (possible link to the recycling company we use)
  • Our on-going support of local and national organizations that directly impact the lives of Coloradan. (See list of all our local non-profits)
  • Our company is deeply rooted in our local community

At FruitRevival, we are so fortunate that we can impact our community one apple and orange at a time.



FruitRevivial Donates
Over 100 Pounds of Produce to
Local Shelters Every Week

Watch this video and learn how we do this!

Food Donations in Colorado

FruitRevival donates hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit each week to two Denver food recovery programs which is then distributed into areas of our community with the most need.

Hand Packing Makes it Possible

All our orders are hand packed. Each piece of fruit is selected and screened for quality. Our fruit packers only put 100% perfect, delicious fruits and vegetables into our client’s’ boxes. Anything that is bruised, dinged or visually flawed, but still tasty and nutritious, is donated. Last year we donated over 23,000 pounds of produce! The more customers we have, the more donations we generate and the more we can help eliminate the hunger that some Colorado families face every day.

Pounds of Produce Donated in 2018 (as of 9/27/18)

We Care About Colorado’s Environment

FruitRevival recycles 100 percent of our cardboard materials and reuses gently used boxes for our fresh food deliveries in efforts to maintain our small local footprint and our beautiful environment. Fruit Revival is committed to being a good neighbor and community member.

Community Partners

FruitRevival is proud to partner with so many Colorado organizations that are working to improve our local communities. Here is a partial list of our partners:

  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Heart Association
  • American Cancer Association
  • Aurora Metro Chamber
  • Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Denver Metro Chamber
  • LiveWell Colorado
  • Health Links
Local Denver Businesses

Colorado Locally Owned and Operated

FruitRevival started delivering fruit to companies in Denver in 2009. Since then we have grown to serving over 600 companies throughout Colorado. We strive to work with local Colorado farmers and producers. We include locally grown peaches, cucumbers, apricots, pears, carrots and other produce in our fruit boxes. We work with Colorado brands such as Olomomo, Bubba’s, Ela Family Farms, Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company, Deiters Chocolates, Kettlehead Popcorn and others for our snack and gift products.

Denver Gift Baskets

Women Owned and Operated

Jennifer Edison Zatz and Melissa Edison Barnes are Co-Owners and managers of FruitRevival. Both Jennifer and Melissa are moms, and believe strongly in the importance of eating well both at home and at work.


Environmentally Friendly Business Denver

Green and Clean

FruitRevival is determined to be a responsible community member. We pick up and reuse all empty fruit and snack boxes. We breakdown and recycle 100% of our cardboard packing and shipping.

Community Fruit Donation: Every FruitRevival box is hand packed.  Any fruit that is bruised or dinged is put aside for donation to our community food recovery partners; We Don’t Waste and Metro Caring.