Our Story of Providing Organic Produce Delivery in Denver, Colorado

FruitRevival began its journey in 2009 by a man with a great solution to a recurring issue. Ted Harris (an entrepreneur, commercial real estate broker and avid athlete) was frustrated by the lack of nutritious food in the downtown Denver area. Ted felt he was not alone in wanting access to healthy food during the workday and searched to find an easier and more convenient opportunity to access the healthy food choices he desired. Within months FruitRevival was born, with the mission to provide fresh seasonal conventional or organic produce deliveries to downtown Denver, Colorado offices and their employees while remaining one of the city’s most sustainable businesses.

Two years later, Jennifer Zatz and Melissa Edison Barnes took Ted’s solution for downtown offices and expanded it into a vision to improve workplace wellness across Colorado. They began by immersing themselves in the conversations surrounding health in the workplace, listening to the organizations that were thriving in this category as well as those that were struggling. Their first employee was hired in 2011 and they all quickly hit the ground running by managing, producing, and operating this vision out of the comfort of Melissa’s home (remember, even Steve Jobs started in a garage!) They made it their mission to find and advocate every benefit that a fresh, seasonal, delicious box of fruit and other tasty local organic produce deliveries could not only bring to a company’s employees, but also to that company’s bottom line.

Now, as a local Denver sustainable and women-owned business with a serious passion for wellness; FruitRevival carries over 18 products, has 20 employees and provides quality service to over 300 organizations from Denver to Boulder to Colorado Springs (and everywhere in between!) FruitRevival currently operates nine weekly recurring routes. Though we can assure you that the story of FruitRevival is only getting started, we sure are proud of how far we’ve come as the premier local organic food delivery company in Denver, Colorado.

Local Organic Produce Delivery Denver Colorado

Melissa and Jennifer talk about FruitRevival’s story and mission:

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