Customer Information

Welcome Customers

Welcome to FruitRevival! We know there are many options for snack delivery to your business and are honored to be working with you! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide the freshest, seasonal fruit and snackable veggies and premium protein and complex carb snacks for your team. It is a privilege to help create a culture of health and wellness in your office!

Our goal is to provide the very best:

  • Customer Service: whether its delivery to your front desk or multiple breakrooms we want to make providing healthy snacks to your employees as convenient as possible.
  • Produce: we source the very best seasonal fruit and snackable veggies from across the country. Over the summer and fall we feature locally grown crops like palisade peaches, plums, pears, cherries and apples
  • Power Snacks: All our products in our snack boxes feature no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. We are constantly out in the market looking for new and unusual items to include
  • Locally Made Artisan Treats: All chocolates, dried fruit, nuts and popcorns included in our gifts are made here in Colorado. It is our honor and privilege to support other small businesses in our own back yard
  • Connection to Our Local Community in Need: Every box delivered to a paying customer produces culled fruit that is slightly bruised but perfectly edible. As our customer base grows so does the amount of produce we have to donate. Last year we donated over 23,000 lbs of fruit. Just think how much more we can give working together!

Why Healthy Snacks?

We know there are lots of different reasons you choose to provide healthy snacks for your employees:

Our goal is to provide the very best:

  • Increase Morale

  • Create a Culture of Healthy Decision Making

  • Part of a Wellness Program

  • Retention: Employees love free food!

  • Providing perks makes you an Employer of Choice

  • Desire to provide premium fuel on a day to day basis

  • Desire to reduce long term health care costs

  • Convenience

  • Let us know your reason!