Fruit Ripening

We pack our deliveries to include items at different levels of ripeness.
Here are a few reasons why:


When fruit is ripe (which often means softer), it can be easily damaged in the packing and delivery process. By keeping certain varieties from fully ripening, we can ensure that we are delivering you high quality fruit that is free from spoilage and damage.

Shelf Life

When many fruit varieties reach their optimum ripeness, the shelf life is very short. If the fruit is not enjoyed immediately, it will often begin to break down and become spoiled. By delivering fruit that is slightly firmer, we can help to ensure that each piece can be enjoyed when it is the most delicious.

Goin’ Bananas

Bananas are tough. Whether they are slightly green, perfectly yellow or spotted – everyone enjoys their bananas at different stages of ripeness. We deliver bananas on the greener side so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy. Our goal is for your fruit to reach its optimum flavor and ripeness while at your office or home in order to minimize waste.

Feeling Impatient?

Many fruit varieties produce a hydrocarbon gas called ethylene as part of the ripening process. Ethylene gas speeds up the ripening process and is responsible for the changes in texture, color and flavor associated with ripening. By placing the fruit (try a firm pear or peach) in a brown paper bag, the ethylene gas is contained and the fruit will ripen faster. For even faster ripening, place your unripe fruit in a brown paper bag with a single banana to increase the amount of ethylene gas that will come into contact with that fruit.