Welcome DU Parents!

FruitRevival will deliver fresh fruit, easy to eat veggies, and healthy snacks to your DU student to help boost their brainpower. Fresh seasonal fruit and wholesome snacks from local Colorado companies are just what your DU student needs to fuel finals, upcoming exams, essays, etc. You can even add a personalized note to make it extra special!


Keep your student fueled and focused with fresh, seasonal fruit!

Exam week is a stressful time, with students often relying on coffee and energy drinks to find that extra boost. FruitRevival makes it easy to provide your student with healthy, natural energy and nutrition during these chaotic weeks!

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College Student Gift Baskets
Give your student natural energy with a Healthy Snack Pack!

FruitRevival will deliver seasonal healthy snack options FULL of nutritious protein and complex carbs to your DU students so you know they're getting good, nutritious energy during their time away from home! These healthy snack packages include premium dried fruits, nuts, and trail mixes, high antioxidant chocolate goodies, and great local Colorado products.

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Send the best of both worlds with a Combination Gift Basket!

Send the ultimate study fuel package to your busy student! FruitRevival's combination gift baskets include seasonal fresh fruit and premium healthy snack options to make sure your students are energized and ready to tackle the work ahead of them!

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