At FruitRevival, we feature LOTS of different apple varieties during the fall and winter months, but few are as delicious and sought after as the Honeycrisp. This apple variety was developed and patented by the University of Minnesota (although we get ours from Washington growers), where fruit-breeder David Bedford created the strain by crossing Macoun and Honeygold varieties. The Honeycrisp apple was finally made commercially available in 1991, and today finds itself among the most highly demanded apples in the United States. Honeycrisp apples are super sweet when eaten raw, with just enough tartness to attract fans of Swiss Gourmet and Granny Smith varieties. The skin and flesh are very crisp and the apple offers an extremely satisfying crunchy and juicy finish.

The Honeycrisp apple’s skin is a mix of bright red and pale green and varies across different trees and crops as they are exposed to varying degrees of temperature. This variety was specifically bred to withstand colder growing climates. This apple variety is one of our most popular for very good reasons – it boasts an extremely sweet flavor with subtle notes of tartness, while yielding a crunchy “snap” when eaten raw. Additionally, Honeycrisp apples store very well and can maintain freshness for months when properly stored in cool environments.

Availability and Uses

The prime season for Honeycrisp apples extends from late August through the month of October, though they can often be purchased for several additional months. When you are unable to find this variety, try substituting Pink Lady or Fuji apples for a similar experience. Honeycrisp apples are quite a versatile variety and have many possible uses in your kitchen and daily meals. These apples are perfect for eating in hand, offering a sweet and satisfying snack that will help keep you full (the crisp skin and flesh of the Honeycrisp is a great source of dietary fiber). One of my personal favorite snacks (or breakfast… or lunch for that matter) is an apple with a healthy-sized glob of almond butter. These apples are perfect for a sweet, crunchy addition to your lunchtime salad at work or on-the-go. Honeycrisp apples are also ideal for cooking, baking (pies, crumbles, tarts, cobblers… I need to wait a bit longer after the holidays to start thinking about all of that but good to know) and use in sauces or marinades. On this lazy Sunday morning I think I’ll try my hand at these Lean Turkey Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage Patties with a couple Honeycrisps I have in my kitchen… my mouth is watering already!