This week we have a special new citrus variety that we have never before featured. Introducing, the Ugli Fruit. It may look a little rough on the outside, but don’t be thrown off by this fruit’s outward appearance – they have a delicious sweet and tangy flavor.


The Ugli Fruit is a tangelo that was discovered growing wild in Jamaica over 80 years ago. Popular belief is that the original Ugli fruit tree was a cross between the Seville orange, the grapefruit and the tangerine families of citrus. The Ugli fruit is named for its relatively “ugly” color and appearance. The skin is green with yellow streaks and splotches, while the flesh can range from a bright orange to darker orange color. On the inside these tangelos resemble other citrus varieties, but have a unique flavor that is all their own.

Taste and Uses

Ugli fruits are a little sweet and a little sour with a tangy kick that is sure to perk you up. They can be peeled and eaten like an orange or a tangerine, but one of the easiest ways to enjoy this fruit is to cut it in half, loosen the segments, and eat with a spoon like you would a grapefruit. Ugli fruits make a great breakfast on their own (get that Vitamin C!) or a great addition to salads or desserts. Additionally, these fruits are INCREDIBLY juicy and they squeeze easily, making them great for making juice or adding to other beverages. Ugli fruits tend to be a little tangier in the early season months (December and January), but they are always sweet and super juicy.