Donation & Recycling

Fruit Donations

We care about our community.

We believe in not only making our clients healthy, but our neighbors healthy as well and that is why FruitRevival donates hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit each week to Denver food shelters.

How does that work? Well, it’s pretty simple.

All our orders are hand packed. Each piece of fruit is selected and screened for quality. Our fruit packers only put 100% perfect, delicious fruits and vegetables into our client’s’ boxes. Anything that is bruised, dinged or visually flawed, but still tasty and nutritious is donated to one of two great organizations: Metro Caring and We Don’t Waste. Learn more about this program. We are thrilled to be able to donate hundreds of pounds of fruit each week. The more fruit we deliver to you, the more we can help eliminate the hunger that some Colorado families face every day.

Pounds of Produce Donated in 2018 (as of 5/14/18)

Package Recycling

We care about the environment.

Not only does FruitRevival eliminate waste by donating leftover produce, we also pride ourselves in recycling 100% of all cardboard packing materials that come through our warehouse and we will even take care of recycling them for you!

For our recurring customers, we will pick up our packaging from previous deliveries when we deliver your new orders. If the packaging is gentle used and in pristine condition, will we reuse it for a future order, but if it doesn’t quite meet our high standards, we will be sure to recycle it. So recurring customers, please make sure to hold onto your empty boxes and bags. For our one-time or gift customers, please make sure you recycling that packaging.