Frequently Asked Questions

Is your fruit local?

We source local Colorado fruits and vegetables for our fresh food delivery in Denver when they are in season, available and meet our quality standards. Colorado produce we have featured include baby cucumbers, baby carrots, Bartlett pears, Gala Apples, apricots, and of course, Palisade peaches. However, due to Colorado’s crazy weather patterns, we cannot guarantee that local produce will be seasonally available and will meet our quality standards for delivery of fruit to offices.

How many servings come in a standard order? What kind of variety can be expected?

Each full box contains at least 30 servings of fruit and easy to eat vegetables: 24 servings in the box and a large bunch of bananas (6-9 bananas). With smaller fruit such as plums or apricots, we will allot multiple pieces of fruit to one “serving.” Additionally, when we feature grapes or cherries a large bag may account for 4-6 servings depending on the size. Each order will include 7-9 varieties of fruit and veggies depending on seasonal availability.

Can I make changes online?

Unfortunately, our website does not yet allow customers to make changes or cancellations online. However, you can call us at (303) 399-3039 or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

What is the deadline for order changes?

We require at least two business days prior to delivery date to guarantee any changes.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?

If you are ever unhappy with the quality of the fruit we deliver we will replace it or issue a credit immediately, no hassle. We want you to be delighted with your fresh fruit delivery every time. Please let us know within 24 hours if there is an issue.

Why should I provide fresh fruit to my employees?

Fresh fruit brings wellness into the workplace, boosts morale and increases productivity. When you invest in your staff and workplace wellness program by providing healthy eating options like fresh fruit, you are repaid in greater output, improved loyalty, increased employee retention and potentially lower healthcare costs. For more reasons to deliver fruit to your office in the Denver area call us at (303) 399-3039!

How do you choose what fruit goes into the boxes?

Each box contains an assortment of the best seasonal fruit available. This means the contents of your fruit box may vary from one week to the next depending on what’s in season, what’s being picked that week and what looks and tastes best to our buying team. We want to provide only the best fresh food for delivery in Denver!

Should I wash the fruit?

We always recommend it. Whether organic or conventional, fruit is grown outside under the sun and the stars. We suggest that you rinse it under cool running water immediately before you enjoy it, and don’t forget to wash your hands as well!

How long does the fruit last?

Different fruit have different shelf lives. We deliver stone fruit and pears firm as they are less likely to bruise during transit and will continue to ripen. Other fruit, berries for example, should be eaten within two to three days of delivery. Items such as apples or oranges will last a week or more depending on how they are stored.

Delivery & Shipping

What do you deliver?

FruitRevival delivers a variety of whole, unwashed, seasonal fruit as well as a variety of dried fruits, nuts, healthy trail mixes and snacks bars in the Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs metro areas and ships in Colorado. We also ship dried fruits, nuts, healthy trail mixes and snacks bars nationwide.

Do you deliver to residential addresses?

FruitRevival does not deliver fresh food to residential addresses in Denver for our recurring service.  We can ship via UPS to residential and business addresses for our savory snack boxes.

Is there a fee for delivery or shipping?

There is a delivery fee for one-time delivery orders and a delivery or shipping fee for savory boxes and college care packages. For our recurring customers delivery fees are waived. Please click here to view more about our delivery and shipping rates for fruit delivery to offices.

When will my fresh fruit arrive?

All deliveries are guaranteed by end of business day, however, we find the majority of fresh food deliveries in Denver are made between 7:30am and 1:30pm. Please let us know when you place your order if you have any special delivery time requests and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Do you deliver or ship orders to other cities/states?

FruitRevival only ships non-perishable boxes to other cities/states.

Recurring Delivery

How can I make a change to my standing recurring order?

Give us a call at (303) 399-3039 or email us at Let us know your name, your company name and the change you’d like to make. We will get back to you via phone or email within 24 hours or the next business day.

I'd like to try your service, but we have a small office. Do you offer smaller order sizes?

We are more than happy to accommodate your office’s fruit delivery needs. We currently offer half boxes of 15 servings.

Can I customize the contents of my order?

While we are not able to offer a completely customized fruit delivery (for example: 4 green apples, 2 Bartlett pears, green grapes, 3 oranges and 4 avocados), we will take note of your office’s preferences and pack your order accordingly. Please let us know if there is something you would NOT like in your order. Any time that item is in stock we will substitute it for more of something else for that delivery. We want to make sure you and your colleagues enjoy every piece of produce FruitRevival delivers to your office!

Is there an inexpensive way to add additional servings to my order?

You can order as many (or as few) boxes your office needs. One way our customers get extra servings is to add additional bunches of bananas to your order for additional fee. Each bunch of bananas contain 6-9 bananas. Keep in mind that each box of fruit comes with one bunch of bananas; the half box comes with a ½ bunch of bananas.

What delivery frequency should I choose?

The vast majority of our customers receive weekly office fruit deliveries, however, we are happy to work with you to find a Denver fresh food delivery schedule that works best for your office and budget.

Recycling and Waste

Should we keep the empty fruit boxes?

Yes, please! In an effort to keep our costs down and reduce the amount of waste we produce all boxes and bags are recycled. Please make sure to hold onto your empty boxes and bags. We will collect them when we bring your next fresh food delivery.

What happens to bruised/damaged fruit?

All orders are hand packed and each piece of fruit is hand selected and screened for quality. Anything that is perfectly edible but dinged or bruised, is donated to one of two great organizations: Denver Metro Caring and We Don’t Waste. We are thrilled to be able to donate hundreds of pounds of fruit each week.

Billing & Payments

I have a question about my bill, who do I contact?

You can contact our accounting department any time at (303) 399-3039 or

How do I request a copy of an invoice?

Give us a call at (303) 399-3039 or shoot us an email, and we’ll be happy to send you a copy of your invoice. Please reference the invoice number or your company name and the date of the invoice you need.

How do I pay for office delivery of fresh fruit?

The majority of our customers pay with a company check or ACH. Our terms are pay upon receipt of invoice. We do have customers who pay with a credit card that is charged at the end of each month. A 4% processing fee is charged for all credit card transactions. All invoices and receipts are emailed to the address on file.

How do I pay for a care package?

Care Packages are billed to a credit card and are charged a 4% processing fee. If you have a large  order please call us at (303) 399-3039 to discuss your company needs regarding payment.

Fresh Fruit Delivered Directly to Your Office

Let FruitRevival deliver fresh fruit and other nutritious snacks to your employees, making your company a more vibrant, healthy, and productive workplace in Colorado.

Care Packages

We ship our college care packages with dry snacks across the country and deliver our fresh fruit and combination fruit & snack boxes across the Denver metro area.