-an Interview with Logan Shaver, Pinnacol HR business partner and wellness administrator by Shannon Bean Scalise

You might not have thought that “workers’ compensation” and “wellness program” go together, but Pinnacol Assurance (Colorado’s leading worker’s compensation provider) has evidence suggesting that they do. Pinnacol has built an incredibly robust wellness culture that they believe is the future of good-for-business practices. Pinnacol is leading the way in researching the do-ability and effectiveness of wellness programs for Colorado small businesses.

We sat down with Logan Shaver, Pinnacol HR business partner and wellness administrator, to learn a little bit more about his experience building Pinnacol’s comprehensive wellness program, and how FruitRevival’s fresh fruit deliveries in Denver are a crucial part of the program.

“I came to Pinnacol with previous wellness experience and found a program that, at the time, had become a little stale,” Logan explains. He wanted to start with something that could impact both employee level and executive level team-members. Fresh fruit delivery was one of his first “go-tos,” because in wellness, he says: “not to sound silly, but the struggle is real!” There is often resistance to new ideas and to things that haven’t been done before, so using fresh fruit to help “show what a wellness program could be…. A way to offer a healthier alternative, to let the employees know that we’re thinking about the choices they have in front of them, and we that WANT them to take the time to take care of themselves,” is powerful. The biggest wellness struggles, Logan explained, are often around getting people to take the time to take care of themselves and to cultivate an atmosphere where they’re not worried about being judged by colleagues for taking time to do that.  Getting leaders to take time to take care of themselves is a challenge as well! The mission is to get “everyone to do one something for themselves.”

After meeting with one of his executives, Logan discovered what was stopping this person’s participation in wellness activities: pain. Through the wellness program, the executive was connected to a pain management resource that addressed his issues, and he’s now a regular participant in the weekly Pilates classes!  From the top down, from the mission statement to the day-to-day, what Logan loves most about his company is that Pinnacol’s goal is to “create a culture of caring.”

Logan says this about working with FruitRevival: “It’s very affordable. It’s easy, fresh, and good! I don’t have to worry about delivery, I don’t have to separate it into different boxes. It’s five minutes to put the fruit out- that’s it- Who doesn’t have five minutes? Everybody! Everybody has five minutes!” FruitRevival deliveries are so popular at Pinnacol that there are actually two separate fruit release times, a “Fruit forum” intranet post about what’s in the box that week, and a sign-up sheet for employees to help him put out the fruit. The good vibes in the kitchen areas are so contagious that other staff members want to help put it out for that extra energetic pick-me-up. The intranet posts (along with most wellness programing) help “community building and to create a network of people that support each other across departments and floors.” FruitRevival deliveries often spur employees to try varieties they’ve never encountered before, which they then purchase at the grocery store for their families.

Pinnacol’s wellness program isn’t just about fresh fruit, though. Logan attributes much of the program’s success to leadership support, to not being a “no” culture- and to allowing employees to create their own programming. Pinnacol employees have access to twice weekly Pilates classes, team 5Ks, summer outdoor yoga (pictured), volunteering events, nutritional lunch-and-learns, diabetes prevention programs, a walkable half-mile meeting path throughout the four floors of the office, resilience training, mindfulness exercises, self-elected wellness champions- and even art classes because a staff-member is an avid artist and wanted to teach. Leadership focuses on the value of the program instead of the immediate claims ROI.  This allows Logan to focus his vision on “empowering each employee to own their health and wellness.”  Pinnacol encourages an annual physician check-up- and bio-metric screenings and has a wealth of additional resources for their staff.

Logan’s ultimate vision for the program is for each employee to take ownership of their own health and wellness by doing just one something to take better care of themselves each day. He relies on community resources from the American Heart Association, and the American Journal of Health Promotion, and frequently reads the benefits blogs of the leading companies in the nation. He looks to those HR benefits blogs for ideas on how to repackage and repurpose the perks offered by other companies as part of Pinnacol’s comprehensive wellness program.

He’s certainly found that providing fresh fruit for the company has been a tremendously well-loved engagement booster. His weekly post on the company intranet, which explains a little bit about the contents of each week’s delivery, frequently gets about 200 views per week and spurs cross-departmental, healthy-eating focused chat discussions that wouldn’t ordinarily happen.  That’s the win: creating an energized space for teams to support each other’s development in health and productivity!  It’s just good business.

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Find out more about Pinnacol’s research on Colorado small business wellness programs at www.pinnacol.com/knowledge-center/health-and-wellness