Business Development Programs

How bold is your brand?

Looking for a unique way to stay in front of key clients or prospects?  FruitRevival has the solution for you!  Have a beautiful fresh fruit or combination fruit and gift savory gift box on a recurring schedule (monthly, quarterly…whatever meets your program and budget needs) as part of your business development efforts.  Branded with your company logo and including a personalized note, you and your brand will be remembered and appreciated for providing a wholesome and tasty treat.

All boxes can be:

  • Branded
  • Personalized
  • Include marketing materials in each gift
  • Wrapped to match your logo and brand flavor
  • Themed for Holidays or special events
  • A great conversation starter!

Sending multiple gift boxes?

FruitRevival specializes in managing large-scale corporate gift programs during the holidays and throughout the year. 
Whether you’re sending 10 gifts or 500, FruitRevival handles every execution detail of your order – from packaging to delivery.  

Contact us at (303) 399-3039 or to get started today.